HEX GEAR worklogs

It is a well known fact that if you try and built something without feedback from the people you want to sell to, then you are going to have a pretty hard time selling anything. To bug test our design, and get the best possible feedback for the HEX GEAR R40 cases, we decided to ship out prototypes to some of the worlds best PC modders/builders.

As these few cases are currently the only HEX GEAR R40’s on the planet, we are VERY interested in seeing what the different modders decides to do with theirs!

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Aka Daniel Harper is probably one of the guys with most builds under his belt. Daniel has a tendency to take everything that is considered “stock” on a case and improve it dramatically. Be it tiny things such as screws, or complete remodeling of the base structure. Daniel has really shown his insane skills in modding, as well as photography in his latest mods. If it is easy to do, it is not made by Daniel.

HEX GEAR R40 worklog: IDORU

Previous work: LUMO



Aka Corsaronero Tretretre is well known in the Italian, as well as the international modding scene. With a love for bare metal, and lots of it, he has produced some crazy looking mods, that are sure to stand out at lan-parties.

HEX GEAR R40 worklog

Previous work: The Black Dream



Aka James Walter is a man with a love for themed builds and a man of many hats. With great skills in both photography, video editing and various modding techniques James really understands how to showcase his work the best way possible.

HEX GEAR R40 worklog: Monochrome

Previous work: Robocop 900D



Aka Stephane Beaulieu is known for producing mods that are cleaner than fresh snow. Stephane is a guy that takes the word “color scheme” more serious than most of us, and you can almost hear him scream every time he sees more than 3 colors mixed together.

HEX GEAR R40 worklog: Icy blue angel

Previous work: Bloody angel



Aka Frida Bergendal. When you start your build log with an image of an Imperial Star Destroyer surrounded by purple stardust you are bound to get our attention. Frida is quite new in the modding scene, but has already made quite a name of herself, and we expect nothing but greatness from her in the future!

HEX GEAR R40 worklog: Project Odyssey

Previous work: Chimaera