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We (Hans Peder Sahl “p0Pe” & Nate George “E22″) have been waiting almost a year to be able to write this post, and show you our latest project. What started off as an idea to make a joint casemod ended out as an entirely new brand, from which we hope to supply you with high quality products that are build by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

We have built our first product the same way we would built our casemods – that means no cutting corners because bosses want more profit, no bad engineering because of impossible deadlines and no products that feels “unfinished” because they were pushed out too soon. We wanted to provide a case that meets our own high standards and finally… we feel satisfied enough with the design that we want to share it!

It goes beyond saying that we are extremely proud to present to you the HEX GEAR range, and hope to be able to supply you with plenty of more products in the future!

 Best regards

Hans Peder Sahl & Nate George