R40 Availability Update

While we had hoped to release the R40 for sale at the end of the first quarter when push came to shove we both agreed that it was not perfect, improvements could be made and in our quest to bring to market the perfect chassis we decided to hold out for a bit longer and make these changes.

So whats new?

  • A cable managment plate into the rear of the case to hide all of the mess that can sprawl from a PSU in a small build.
  • Anti vibration grommets have been added to the pump mounting plate as standard to further reduce vibrations and noise
  • Anti vibration grommets have been added to the hard drive mounting system
  • New Vibration damper plates in the top and bottom of the case to further reduce chassis vibrations

What now?

At the moment the cases are being boxed and getting ready to make their way across the open ocean to our store in the UK, from there we will open for sale through the store and release the first batch of cases into the wild.

From both of us, thank you all for your incredible support and patience! The response has been genuinely overwhelming and we cannot wait to see what you guys have planned for your own R40’s!