R40 Nvidia Edition

We are happy to announce that we recently made a build in cooporation with Nvidia, a leading manufacturer of Graphic cards, and a company you most likely know if you are going to build your own PC.GeForce_980_Ti_garage_system-34

The build features dual 980ti in SLI, a 1000W powersupply, 32 gb of ram, dual 256 gb ssd´s and an overclocked Intel 4790K – all stuffed onto an asus gryphon Z97 motherboard. We then put all of this into one of our R40´s with a green accent pack, and custom made every single wire.


You can build your own green machine by simply adding a green accent pack to your R40!

Read the whole article by Nvidia on their website:

Rig spotlight – Hex Gear R40 featuring Geforce GTX 980 ti SLI