HEX GEAR is a company, founded by Hans Peder Sahl & Nate George in the spring of 2014. Both being very active in the PC modding community, we have heard and seen pretty much everything when it comes to cases. Despite the current  market being flooded in all price ranges, we felt that there was a gap that needed to be filled. Many manufacturers try to please everyone at the same time, this results in cases that have an increasing amount of new features that work great as marketing material, but provide little, to no use for the end user.

We wanted to create a simple and elegant case without using plastic and thin metal sheets. We wanted something that was built as a tank, while still maintaining a clean design, and a small footprint. On top of all this, watercooling options and internal aesthetics needed to meet the high standards that we both demands of our daily work horses.

After almost a year of development, boxes upon boxes of prototypes and extensive feedback from some of the worlds best casemodders and builders, we finally settled on a design that would be the start of the HEX GEAR product range – the R40 Micro ATX case.

We hope that you will get as much fun out of building and modding it, as we had designing it.


Best regards

Hans Peder Sahl & Nate George