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The HEX GEAR R80 is our take on the ultimate full tower chassis, designed around the same philosophy as the HEX GEAR R40 but with even more room for top of the line components and cooling. The R80 is for the enthusiast who wants support for multiple graphic cards, pumps and radiators.

The R80 is built around 4 solid aluminium profiles, and thick sheet metal. This makes the R80 a very heavy case, but also incredibly sturdy. All panels in the R80 are made from flat sheet metal, and can be easily modified to fit your specific needs.


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Product Description

Less is moreWhite Hex Gear R80 Open

The R80, much like the R40, is build around the idea that less is more. We have aimed to make a solid case without a tonne of fancy features. Focusing on making a simple, easy to customize construction instead of implementing a lot of “tool less” “quick disconnect” features that often create more harm than good for the end user. We decided to use heavy grade bolts and nuts to keep everything together, this also means no rivets to drill out, no plastic latches that break off etc. But don’t worry, all the tools you will need to put your R80 together is supplied in the box.


Build it your way

To further ease mounting of custom parts, we are supplying the case with a blank aluminium mounting bracket that you can customize for parts such as pumps, reservoirs or fan-controllers. We also have several pre-made plates that fit some of the most common parts available here in the extra parts section.

Dimensions R80xx

The R80 fits E-ATX motherboards up to 305×275 mm in size, making it the perfect case for most enthusiast boards.

R80 size chart

*140 mm radiator support with 140 mm radiator panel kit – purchased seperate

The R80 has two different compartments you can place your water cooling radiators into. The top compartment is advised to be used for fans as that will allow you to put 60 mm thick radiators into the inner compartment. Should you want to use the outer compartment for the radiator itself, that is also possible with radiators below 34 mm in thickness.

Built to cool

Built to utilize the laws of physics, the R80 draws air in from the bottom and rear, and lets it rise towards the top of the case. Besides supporting most of the largest CPU air coolers, the R80 also has three different compartments for your watercooling radiators. The main compartment supports two radiators – a 420 mm, and a 360 mm in up to 60 mm thickness while the top/bottom compartment supports radiators up to 34 mm in thickness with the covers on, and unlimited thickness with the cover off.

fan covers

It is also possible to upgrade the inner plates to fit 140 mm radiators. This will give you support for two 420 mm radiators with 60 mm thickness. You can also swap the stock fan plats out with stealth plates if you wish to air cool, and have a cleaner looking setup. (Panel kits purchased separately.)

Not half full, not half empty..

.. Just the size it needs to be. The R80 will easily fit a quad GPU setup, and an enthusiast motherboard to power all your gaming, and workstation needs. With a total of 8 possible 120 mm radiator locations, you can easily cool even the most power hungry system. And if that is not enough for you, simply upgrade the fan mounts to 140 mm fans, and enjoy the cooling potential of dual 420 mm radiators.

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg

Tech Specs

- Materials: Aluminium | Steel | Acrylic
– Colours Available: Black | White
– Dimensions(WxDxH): 241.5 x 598 x 535 mm
– Weight: 18 Kilo
– Motherboard form factor: E-ATX (up to 305×275 mm), CEB, ATX, Micro ATX & Mini ITX
– 2.5”/3.5” Drives: 4
– Cooling: 8 x 120mm (3 x top 1 x rear 4 x bottom)
– PCI Slots: 8
– Suitable for air or watercooling
– Max graphic card length: 482 mm
– Max CPU cooler hight: 175 mm


– Dust filters for 120 mm fans
– Screws and fixings
– 1 x black vandal switch
– Motherboard standoffs
– Instruction manual
– Hex keys
– 90deg IEC adapter